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10 Great Things To Know if You’re Dating An Older Man!

Let’s face it: dating is not always an easy game. Finding a significant other who is compatible, has a sense of emotional maturity, and who could be a potential life partner can be tough! Some people are old souls, and fit well with others who are somewhat wiser and older; and this puts you in a great category to consider dating a man older than yourself. There are definitely a number of appealing and enticing aspects that come along with dating someone older; but there are also many other factors to consider, too.


Dating an older, more mature man who has an established sense of self-awareness about who they are as a person can help to flip your own perspective in some really unique ways. That’s not to say older men are “better”, it just means that dating an older man can teach you a lot about real-life experiences and give a unique perspective on things that could appear to be obstacles in your life. 


Here are 10 Great Things To Know if You’re Dating An Older Man:


  1. He Judges You Less for Who You Are


Something really refreshing about dating a more mature man is that he has learned to have self-acceptance. As a result of this, it’s likely he’ll encourage you to accept who you are, too.


If you’re having a hard time getting to grips with some of your personal unique and quirky qualities — maybe things others deem as “weird” — an older and more mature man has often probably learned that nothing in life is perfect, and people cannot be put in a “box”. He may even love being around someone who is so multi-faceted and brings a new perspective into his world.


The point is: you might feel more comfortable being your true self while dating a more mature man.


  1. He’s More Mature


Maturity brings with it some insights, as well as different ways of viewing life and the world. Maturity is something that comes with life experience — having gone through ups and downs, and having learned to navigate numerous obstacles to move forward.


Dating an older man means he can provide you with these insights and perspectives whenever you encounter difficulties. This saves you the time and energy of overthinking a problem, and assists you in moving forward faster.


  1. The Sex Will Be Better


When a man has a higher level of maturity, this can often translate into him being a far better lover and sexual partner! Lucky you. He’s likely had more than enough time and experience to figure out what is, and is not, effective in the bedroom.


As men mature, they also tend to crave a more emotional connection, rather than a purely physical connection. This equates to someone who is willing to put in the work to get to know you; which, for women, usually results in a more passionate and intimate sexual experience with you.


  1. He’s More Patient 


Getting older teaches you something pivotal: patience. Over time, you learn that good things in life don’t just happen overnight. Being with an older man can give you a great sense of balance — particularly in a world where things move at a super speed. Along with maturity also comes more appreciation for the little things in life; and being with an older man can really help you learn to slow down, relax, and regroup.


  1. He’s More Stable


Of course this is not true for every single older man; but in general, if you are dating someone older, they often have more stability. There’s also likely some kind of consistency in their life, since they’ve had time to create a more solid foundation for their life. A sense of stability like this can be a very soothing and reassuring thing; in contrast to dating a guy who is still trying to figure out exactly who he is, what he wants to accomplish, and where he’s heading in life. 


This is often just one of the many reasons why women turn to dating sites such as RichMeetBeautiful, which are tailor-made for younger women seeking out more established, ambitious, and highly-driven men.


  1. He Encourages Your Personal Growth


When you’re dating a man your age, things can sometimes get slightly competitive. One of you might feel the need to “top” or “outdo” the other in different aspects of your life. 


When a man is older and more established, he usually has no need to want to compete against you. This unique age dynamic can often obliterate poor communication behaviours and ego-driven actions; common problems that can occur when dating someone who is closer to you in age. Your older man may even become your greatest supporter in life; pushing you to levels you may never have felt you could accomplish before!


  1. He Engages in Open Communication


As one gets older, holding back feelings, points of view, and perspectives become things of the past. Being open, honest, and straightforward about your feelings is something you’re much more likely to do. When dating an older man, this is something you’ll experience firsthand. 


This is something that is really refreshing if you feel like you have been stuck dating people who are not as honest, upfront, or transparent in expressing how they feel about you or things in life. 


  1. He’s Lived A Life Before You


Dating an older man often means that he has some “history”. This might include past marriages, relationships, and children. Getting through these issues in your relationship definitely calls for some patience on your end. You need to set clear boundaries and communication rules with one another with regards to what to expect in terms of each of these relationships.


Never be afraid to ask questions about his past relationships, or how he got through his divorce. These kinds of things can also give you a sense of clarity about his intentions and relationship patterns, as well as help you figure out whether or not he is the one fit for you. In most cases, the past is a strong indicator of future behaviour. If he has a history of infidelity, emotional or physical abuse, or any other cause for concern — just be sure to keep your eyes open in order to determine if he has corrected his behaviour or if he’s at risk of repeating old actions.


  1. He Helps You To Be More Balanced 


A man who is mature and has a deeper understanding of life can help you to learn not to take yourself so seriously! He’s lived a little longer than you, and he realises that life happens one day at a time. Carrying this kind of clarity over into your life can help you learn to relax and trust the flow of life a little bit more.


  1. He Could Be Set in His Ways 


As you get older, you have the comfort of knowing yourself better, and the comfort of doing things a very specific way. When a man has achieved some kind of success in his life — and he feels happy with the way he is doing things — trying to break habits that might irritate you, or introduce him to things outside his comfort zone, might not be so easy! Hang in there, though. If the two of you are truly compatible, you can both learn and teach one another extremely valuable lessons!


As we’ve explored, dating an older man does not mean that all your dating problems will disappear! Each individual relationship brings something new to the table; but going into it with your eyes wide open will give you very clear expectations of things you should know and what you can expect!

Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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