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10 Warning Signs Your Relationship Has Run Its Course

10 Warning Signs Your Relationship Has Run Its Course

Even the very “best” relationships can run their course and come to an end in due time. People change, and one day you might think you’re happy with someone, but the next you find yourself facing the truth that you’re actually just not compatible. This, ultimately, leads to the demise of your relationship. No doubt it can be a traumatic and devastating time — but, there are definite signs to look out for. In fact, many of them involve the sub-surface aspects of your relationship that don’t quite feel right.


Apart from the seriously damaging and obvious ones – abuse, infidelity, and constant fighting – it’s often the little things that eat away your trust. Those little things that you try so hard to ignore…  


Manu time, your intuition may be shouting out at you to let you know there’s a problem; but for whatever reason, you try to push things to last a little bit longer. It’s common to try to justify things by thinking that you enjoy one another’s company, and also how much you’ve invested into them.


If something is wrong (and deep down you know it), I hope that these 10 Warning Signs Your Relationship Has Run Its Course will finally give you the push you need to tackle those issues truthfully and wholeheartedly:


  1. Your Partner Disappears Frequently


When you’re in a relationship, there’s a sort of unspoken expectation that each partner has a rough idea of where the other one is — without it being too big of a deal. Of course, neither party should be suspicious, accusatory, or controlling; but having the comfort of openly sharing your movements is 100% normal.


Does your partner sometimes make excuses and then just disappear? Do they exhibit mysterious behaviour; such as making silly reasons to go out and getting defensive or not wanting to discuss it with you? Or do they start making the same excuse over and over again — one that is just not sitting right with you?


If you find yourself continuously wondering where your partner is going and what they’re getting up to, then you might have a problem on your hands.


  1. Your Partner Turns Their Phone Screen Away When You Get Close


If your significant other gets jumpy and secretive with their phone or computer screens, it might be explained by the following simple reasons:


(i) They don’t want you to see what they’re doing

(ii) They don’t want you to see who they’re talking to

(iii) They don’t want you to see what they’re looking at


The common denominator here is: they don’t want you to see.


This is definitely a red flag — meaning, you need to stop and pay attention! If you ignore it, it means you’re logically trying to rationalise their behaviour to yourself; pretending like everything’s just fine — even though it may be very far from it.


  1. Your Partner Refuses To Disclose Passwords To You


Is your partner locking all their screens without giving you the password? Are they keeping their devices “hands-off” to you? This can be deemed as pretty suspicious behaviour.


Full disclosure is not completely necessary – especially when it comes to super sensitive information having to do with lawyers or financial investments etc. –  but when trust is an issue, some disclosure (meaning openness) is required.


Most partners keep at least a few secrets to themselves, but when the secrets become bigger than the honesty and openness in the relationship; then your relationship is taking a major backseat.


Passwords can be a tricky topic. But a relationship with trust will not involve either of the partner’s freaking out or being over-the-top concerned about sharing a password. The main point is that your partner is afraid to let you into “private areas” of their life… 


  1. Your Partner Speaks Badly Of You And Your Relationship


Do you ever get the feeling that people in your partner’s life don’t like you all that much? For example, maybe you are introduced to them in a dismissive and unloving way.


In short, your partner isn’t presenting you or your relationship to the world with the same respect and validation that you should expect from a happy and healthy relationship.


  1. Your Partner Hides Bad Habits From You


These could be things like drugs, porn addiction, gambling, debt, reckless spending habits, drinking problems, late night conversations with their ex. When a significant other has secrets, then you definitely have a problem on your hands.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide where to draw the line; and whether or not you can tolerate living with a partner who keeps their habits hidden from you, or downplays them to an extent.


  1. Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable


Is your spouse so secretive that, at times, you feel as though you don’t truly even know them? If you’re always receiving the “short” or “surface” answer after asking them questions, then you might be dealing with a partner who is emotionally unavailable.


Emotional availability is the ability to sustain an emotional bond in a relationship. Since it’s near to impossible to have a healthy relationship with no emotional connection present — emotionally unavailable people tend to struggle in relationships, often preferring to date casually and keep their distance.


Sometimes it’s difficult to logically pinpoint your partner’s emotional unavailability; but trust your heart. Your gut instinct knows.


  1. Your Partner Yearns To Do Things That Single People Do


Is your partner suddenly changing the way they talk, mentioning going out partying at clubs or bars, or showing an interest in going out with a new group of (single) people? Do you get the feeling that this new behaviour is a longing for that earlier single life? Party antics, a change in their social activities, or a change in their group of friends could be a sign that they’re ready to part ways and move on from your relationship; or that they’re simply not respecting the “boundaries” that come along with being in a relationship.


  1. Your Partner Doesn’t Want The Relationship To Move Forward


Have you been with your partner for 10+ years and still no marriage proposal? If that doesn’t scream non-commitment, I don’t know what else does.


If you express your needs to your significant other and those needs go left unaddressed, it is totally fine to end things. Both partners have a sense as to what they want out of a relationship — but if your partner’s telling you one thing and then blatantly doing another, then their actions are clearly not measuring up to what they say; but maybe rather what is really in their heart… 


  1. Your Partner Doesn’t Prioritise Your Relationship


Do you feel as though you’re at the bottom of your partner’s priority list? Maybe you’ve noticed that they put work – and everything else – above your relationship. Well, then it’s obvious — their interests, time commitments, and goals are wrapped up somewhere else; not with you and the relationship.


  1. Your Partner Is Holding You Back From Being Authentic


This one is personal — and note that it could be either on purpose or obliviously.


This one is not so much of a “sign”, a symptom, a memory, or an event — it’s more of a feeling. It’s that little thing that won’t go away. Your dreams, your goals, how you see yourself as a person, and the personal growth you want to make happen.


If your partner is not willing to be a part of all of that, or if you have a sense of being held back; it is 100% okay to let go of the relationship, as it has clearly run its course of growth in your life.


Final Words: Sex


I purposely did not address the topic of sexual intimacy in this article, as your sex life is a whole other issue on its own! The sex life in a relationship is dependent on the two people and their respective needs — it’s something that they have to decide on for themselves; and it should feel healthy for both individuals. 


If you’re looking for more relationship advice, or need some ways to spice up your own marriage or relationship — check out The Love Flame Method! 🔥❤️🔥


Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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