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6 Ways To Effectively Tackle An Age-Gap in Your Relationship

6 Ways To Effectively Tackle An Age-Gap in Your Relationship

In today’s world, countless men and women are embarking on relationships with partners that are up to 15 to 25 years older or younger than they are! And with dating sites like RichMeetBeautiful, these kinds of relationships are normalised to an even greater extent.


Thinking further than any of the downsides that might come to mind when getting married to someone with whom you have a big age gap — age differences definitely have their advantages, too! Like in any other partnership, there are a myriad of factors that impact whether or not the relationship will last in the long run.


Couples usually share similar belief systems and have more in common and when their age difference is only a few years; but when a significant age gap is present, couples are generally more likely to have completely different life goals and perspectives, which can sometimes prove to be incompatible in the long run.


Here are 6 Ways To Effectively Tackle An Age-Gap in Your Relationship:


  1. Openly Share Your Needs & Expectations


Of course, this applies to any relationship, but having a deep awareness of your partner’s expectations is especially important when you’re far apart in age with one another. For example, an older man might want his younger partner to have a child, while the woman might be more concerned with financial stability and security. From the beginning of the relationship and throughout its course, make sure that you always openly and honestly share and discuss your expectations in order to avoid miscommunication issues.


  1. Accept Your Role as A Caretaker (if You’re Younger)


Somewhere down the line, an elderly and ageing spouse might require long-term health care, and may no longer be able to do certain things that both of you enjoyed earlier on. Seriously think about and consider whether, as the younger partner in the relationship, you’re prepared to be a caretaker, give up certain activities, and take on extra household chores later on. Of course, you might not be hesitating to say “yes” right now — but ask yourself what the situation might look like 5, 10, or even 20 years from now.


  1. Remember That Maturity is Relative 


If you’re the older one in the relationship, you should always view your partner as a full-grown adult; not necessarily someone that you have to mentor, teach, or shape. Nobody wants to be scolded or patronised for acting a specific way or saying certain things — especially not if you’re hitting them with a sense of “age-earned wisdom and experience”. Just don’t. The same goes for if you’re the younger one in the relationship — avoid referring to your partner as a “boomer,” an “old-timer,” or really any other phrase that implies their outlook on life is too traditional or old-school. Remember, age alone does not measure maturity.


  1. Identify Mutual Interests


If you want to equalise your age gap, try focusing on your mutual interests. Make time to do things that you both love and enjoy, and watch your age difference start to melt away! Meeting one another’s friends, and socialising with different generations, can be super stimulating and empowering for both of you! Make an effort to explore each other’s worlds by trying new things, meeting new people, and being as involved as you can in each other’s individual lives.


  1. Address The Topic of Your Relationship Openly & Honestly


If there’s one thing you should know, never allow your age gap to become the elephant in the room. Instead, you should be openly and honestly communicating any concerns – age-related or otherwise – and working to come to mutually favourable solutions to any problems that may arise.


  1. Respect Your Relationship


If you and your partner are fighting non-stop, then it’s likely that age alone is not the only factor to blame. A strong emotional and physical connection is the most important part of any relationship — regardless of age, gender, or cultural differences. If this is the path you’re choosing, remain confident in your decision to be in a relationship with someone much older or younger than you. Realise that, just like any other relationship, things can either be smooth or bumpy, and that is not necessarily a consequence of having an age gap. If you both share a deep bond based on mutual love and respect, age is really just a number. ❤️🔥

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Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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