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7 Interesting Dating Apps That Give Tinder A Run For Their Money

7 Interesting Dating Apps That Give Tinder A Run For Their Money

While Tinder may have invented the idea of swiping left and right, the world of dating has been in existence forever, so there aren’t really any set rules when it comes to just how a love connection should spark! 


There are definitely a number of competitors that have entered the dating app game with fresh, liberating, and interesting ideas about matchmaking; so if Tinder hasn’t blown your socks off, or if you simply want to add some other dating apps to the mix, I’m here to tell you that you have options! 


So without further ado, here is my hand-picked list of 7 Interesting Dating Apps That Give Tinder A Run For Their Money:



1. Bumble



It’s Tinder… in a world where ladies get to make the first move! Once you and your prospective match have both swiped right, the woman needs to say hi within 24 hours, otherwise the connection completely disappears!


Why I Love It: So many Tinder conversations are over before they even begin, but Bumble forces people to start talking to each other from the get-go!



2. VictoriaMilan



It’s Tinder… for married and attached people seeking a secret love affair!


Why I Love It: Yes, it’s risqué — but ultimately, the need is already there; VictoriaMilan is pretty much just providing a service to make things easier for people who already want to cheat. If you don’t want to get a divorce, but you’re looking for an exciting and passionate affair — VictoriaMilan may just be your answer.



3. Raya



It’s Tinder… for creatives, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone who is a part of an “elite” circle, if you will.


Why I Love It: This is one of the few apps that actually charges a small monthly fee — further adding to the “members-only” feel. Even before you’re able to set up a profile and actually use the app, you need to be accepted first! The Raya committee reviews such as your Instagram follower base and current user referrals. It also lets you search for matches in places where you aren’t located — in case you’re off jet-setting somewhere cool for the weekend. 



4. Hinge



It’s Tinder… with six degrees of separation. The potential dates you find on Hinge are matches with whom you share a direct, first, second, or third degree connection.


Why I Love It: At least you know you’re not getting scammed by fake profiles or people trying to claim to be someone they’re not; there’s a deeper sense of truth and responsibility here. It takes away some of that anonymity from dating by only allowing you to see people in your area who share a mutual friend (or friend of a friend) with you on Facebook. 



5. RichMeetBeautiful



It’s Tinder… for established and financially secure men and women looking for their perfect match with a young, beautiful partner who appreciates all the finer things in life.


Why I Love It: Honestly, RichMeetBeautiful is great as it cuts directly to the chase! Both sides are honest and upfront about exactly what they’re looking for in a relationship from the beginning. No hidden agendas here!



6. Coffee Meets Bagel



It’s Tinder… for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the insane amount of people they have to swipe through on other dating apps.


Why I Love It: Coffee Meets Bagel encourages their users to take things slowly, and only gives them a certain amount of matches per day based on their profile preferences. This approach makes being thoughtful and attentive a bit easier, rather than just treating things like a game.



7. The League



It’s Tinder… for people who are proud of their tertiary education, and are not afraid to show it! The League is a members-only app (you either need to apply or be invited by another user) which accepts users who have been carefully selected and approved. They generally have advanced degrees, are in their late 20s, and are strongly career-driven. If you’re lucky enough to make it in, the app then tracks and rates you on your commitment towards other users; all the way from ignoring messages to over-swiping.


Why I Love It: I believe in the power of editing. It’s all about quality, not quantity. 

Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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