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7 Keys To Flawless Communication in Your Relationship

7 Keys To Flawless Communication in Your Relationship

“Communication is key.” It’s a phrase we hear often, and it’s a phrase we will continue to hear because it’s true! A relationship lacking good communication will inevitably struggle; it will not reach its full potential. Overlooking the need for good communication will create a massive disconnect that will only cause a couple to drift even further apart. 


The reality is that many people actually lack top-quality communication skills. Maybe they were never taught them, or maybe a good example was never set for them when they were younger. People who have learned and fully embrace the need for better communication experience all the benefits of it! 


I want you to be able to experience the very best in your relationship; so here are 7 Keys To Flawless Communication in Your Relationship:


  1. Be Willing To Compromise


If you have an attitude of “it’s my way or the highway” then don’t expect anyone to be on your team! Showing a willingness to be fair and make compromises can assist in helping your partner express themselves to you more frequently. It shows them that they won’t just be shut down, and that some level of resolution can always be reached. Your goal should always be to find a middle ground that leaves both of you mutually satisfied with the outcome.


  1. Listen To Understand, Not To Debate Back


There is nothing more frustrating than a person who is solely interested in making excuses, constantly trying to turn things around, and always defending themselves for the whole duration of any conversation. If you do not show a willingness to listen and try to understand your partner’s point of view, things will just end up with them not wanting to talk to you anymore at all. 


Don’t get defensive, and focus more on making progress with regards to whatever you are discussing. This will help your significant other feel as though you’re genuinely listening and valuing how they feel. 


  1. Disagreeing is Okay, But Dismissing is Not


There are always going to be times when you and your spouse do not agree on whatever is being discussed. This is fine; as long as you understand how to respectfully handle your disagreements


Don’t make the mistake of being judgmental or dismissive towards your partner — this will only result in negativity and retaliation from their side. In short, you’re pretty much setting up a battle where neither of you will end up winning. You’ll also make it more difficult for your spouse to feel comfortable to ever openly express themselves to you. So when it comes to better communication, you need to acknowledge how they feel, and understand their stance on things. Be respectful, and if that’s what it boils down to — rather just agree to disagree.


  1. Be Open & Honest


You cannot expect someone to be open and honest with you if you’re not willing to do the same with them. When you’re willing to take the lead with this, you make your partner feel more comfortable with following your example. It might be more difficult for them, and of course there are other factors that will impact their willingness to do it; but if you focus on consistently setting such a standard, you’ll increase your chances of it becoming a mutual practice on both sides.


  1. Take Note of Their Words & Body Language


You can tap into a much better understanding of how your partner feels when you learn how to read their body language. This plays a pretty big role in improving the communication in your relationship. At times your partner might not be very verbally expressive, but their body can tell you so much about how they’re feeling! Use it as a guide to help decipher exactly what is going on with them. Let them know what their body is saying to you; and then allow them to verbally clarify things so that you can get on the same page.


  1. Don’t Make Things All About You


Have you ever started venting to someone about something, and then it seems that they somehow turn things around and make the conversation all about them? There’s literally nothing more annoying. So, if you want better communication in your relationship, I’m pretty sure you want to make certain that you are not being that person. 


When someone feels like this is a constant behaviour pattern, they eventually won’t even bother starting a conversation. So allow your partner to fully express themselves and let everything out. A relationship is all about providing balance and allowing one another to be seen and heard.


  1. Employ A Loving & Positive Approach


Shouting, screaming, and being downright disrespectful to your significant other is most definitely not a form of effective communication. If you do not express yourself in a calm, loving, and understanding manner, then you cannot expect anything good to come out of the conversation. Nobody likes to feel attacked, nor be blamed for everything that goes wrong — this just instantly puts them on the defensive.


To avoid making your partner less receptive to what you’re saying, you have to commit to taking a more positive approach. That doesn’t mean you have to change your entire message; it’s more about how you deliver it. You know how the old phrase goes: “it’s not what you say, but how you say it”. Keep this in mind at all times if you’re serious about having a better communication system with your partner.


If you are prepared to do all of the above, but you’re worried that your partner might not be on board — consider checking out my life-changing Love Flame Method course!


Also, remember that you’ll never know until you try! You can only control your own actions, so make sure that you’re implementing all of the methods above in order to have a higher chance of achieving improved communication within your relationship. 


Take the time to also ask your partner about their perspective; the things that they feel could use some adjusting to help both of you achieve optimal communication. You must work together as a team — and talking to each other is the only way to obtain the results you need for a happy, healthy, and successful relationship! ❤️🔥


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Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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