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7 Signs Your Partner Could Be “The One”

7 Signs Your Partner Could Be “The One”

When looking for someone who is worthy of being deemed long-term partner material, it’s often difficult to know who is genuine, and whether or not they’re really worth your time. Too many people waste months – and even years – on a partner knowing full well, deep down inside, that they are not really “The One.”


There are numerous signs, however, that you can recognise which can point you in the direction of knowing who can and cannot survive the long haul.


Some people get so blind-sighted by certain wonderful aspects of a person, that they end up paying no attention to their flaws. Ten years down the line, and you suddenly realise that this person is not your forever mate…


I don’t want you to fail to notice those crucial missing pieces… So, here are 7 Signs Your Partner Could Be “The One”:


  1. They Know How To Communicate Effectively


Let’s be honest: without communication, you have nothing. A great sign that your partner is “the one” is that they’re capable of communicating without becoming angry or dismissive of what you have to say. Being able to engage in effective communication ensures that both partner’s are capable of expressing any of their concerns when issues come to the surface. Keeping problems in – or having them dismissed by your significant other – will result in a lack of trust and constant fighting.


  1. They Share Similar Values To You


You cannot expect your partner to be exactly like you; however, sharing common ground with them is an absolute must.


Topics such as politics or religion can be the cause of heated arguments. So if you’re unable to agree with your partner when it comes to their core values and beliefs, you might struggle with communication.


In a relationship, it’s crucial to share some of the same values with your partner to a certain extent; but, it’s also important to be able to calmly and logically discuss topics that you disagree on. Sharing similar values ensures that you’re compatible, and capable enough, to grow with one another.


  1. They’re Genuine


Being genuine means truly being who you “say” you are. It means not lying or pretending to be somebody you’re not, just to keep the peace.


If you do not like something, say so from the beginning. Not being genuine will only cause future problems and unnecessary conflict for both of you.


  1. They’re Independent


Independence is the cornerstone of a great relationship. It ensures that your significant other is capable enough to take care of themselves — even without you.


Being independent means that you understand the sacrifice and value of being responsible for your own actions. It means you know how to stay true to the responsibility of being an equal half in a relationship.


  1. They Think with Logic and Reason


Showing your emotions is healthy — after all, it is what makes us human. But if you’re incapable of logical thinking, arguments will inevitably arise.


Thinking logically means that you take the time to evaluate a situation before you act based on emotions. Being logical implies a sense of stability; this, in turn, ensures that you’re capable of communicating or making decisions with justified reason — not merely just speaking without thinking.


There is a time and a place for emotion, and there is a time and a place for logic — but you need to be able to apply both in a balanced way.


  1. They’re Not Self-Centered


Nobody wants a partner who always puts themselves first, and nobody wants a partner who always puts you on a pedestal while denying themselves… So, how do you find a balance?


Being self-centered proves that someone isn’t quite capable of seeing the importance of other people further than their own personal desires.


If your partner has the ability to put other people’s needs before their own, it’s a really great sign. It shows that they’re genuinely concerned with more than merely themselves!


  1. They’re Emotionally Available


Nobody likes to feel dismissed — especially not if you’re expressing concerns that really mean a lot to you. Being emotionally available means that your partner is capable of being there for you in times of trouble and need — for example, showing empathy and compassion towards you.


If you have a partner who is attentive to your needs, this means that they won’t be oblivious to your feelings either. It’s absolutely essential to be emotionally stable for the sake of the relationship, but it’s just as important when it comes to the wellbeing of both partner’s.


You need to evaluate your significant other as a potential life long partner. If you aren’t happy in the beginning, it’s a sign that they’re probably not your soulmate – they’re likely not “The One.” As the saying goes: “when you know, you know.” 😉💘🔥

Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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