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8 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Relationship

8 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Relationship

We all have bad habits, but most of us don’t actually realise how some of those little quirks and actions negatively impact our loved ones! And let’s be real, many habits are seriously difficult to break.


When your relationship is involved, it’s the good habits which are actually crucial to how it stands the test of time. 


Unfortunately, there are a bunch of subconscious habits that do more harm than good… So without further ado, here are 8 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Relationship:


  1. You Use “Work” As An Excuse To Avoid Your Partner


In this digital age, it’s become extremely difficult to separate work from home life. Enter a disagreement with your partner and you might as well continue on at the office rather than spending time with your partner, right? No — wrong. 


Look at problems at home like any other tasks to be solved. Your partner is your teammate; so you need to come up with a strategy for working together to solve them.


  1. You Come and Go Without Acknowledging Your S.O.


First impressions stick — even if you are already a few years deep into your relationship! It’s really as basic as how you leave the house for work in the morning. Avoiding touch, contact, or any interactions with your partner can have a lasting and detrimental impact. 


If your schedules are not in sync, or you always seem to be rushing out the door, try to find little ways to show your partner you’re thinking about them — long after you leave the house.


  1. Talking About Money is An Uncomfortable Topic


Regardless of how much money you have, it’s imperative that you discuss it openly and honestly with your S.O.; whether you share an account or not. Financial planning is crucial in order to have a happy marriage, but financial nagging and lecturing are not the most effective methods to go about it. Couples should rather talk about money in a businesslike manner — not as a personal issue.


  1. You Aren’t Truly Listening To Partner


The next time your partner is summing up their work day or telling you something important, count how many times you say: “mhm,” “hm,” and “oh.” These “fill-in” words are signs that you are not truly listening. It may seem to your spouse that you are, but what it’s really saying that you do not care about the subject matter.


  1. You Unconsciously Disregard Their Needs


Let’s put it like this: If you were to walk to the kitchen to pour a glass of water, would you ask your partner if they wanted one, too? In a healthy relationship, both partners try to fill one another’s needs as well as they do their own. 


  1. You Clear Your Throat Too Often


Everyone has their little thing that they do when faced with an uncomfortable situation. The most obvious of them all: clearing your throat. Many people clear their throat as a response to something they’re saying or hearing that is not going down too well. This can get especially dangerous if it morphs from an anxious habit into a common behavioural characteristic during communication with your spouse.


  1. You Leave Them To Fend for Themselves


Independence in a relationship is great, but it’s important that partners find ways to come together and lean on each other. Sharing resources is vital in happy relationships. Let’s say you’re watching TV with your partner — do you steal all the blankets, or do you share them with them? It might sound simple, but small gestures indicate that you’re both equals in your relationship.


  1. You Fight in The Midst of Stress


You cannot blame a full-blown argument on stress. That’s not how things work in truly healthy relationships. Whether you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, trouble at work, or lack of intimacy — there is no excuse for causing an unwarranted fight. 


Acting defensive rather than with compassion and logic can damage your partner’s perception of you. If you let your partner know you’re having a tough day, it’ll give them a chance to be more thoughtful and considerate than they usually might have been.


Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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