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8 Must-Have Conversations To Have in Any Romantic Relationship

When you’re in a long-term committed romantic relationship, there are some conversations that are more important than others.


Of course, it feels natural to connect and fall in love by way of talking and having intimate conversations; but what types of conversations should you be having with your significant other in order to figure out whether or not your love will last — through challenges, surprises, happiness, and hurt?


If you’ve been in a relationship for many years, what conversations should you have in order to reignite the Love Flame, connection, and passion that brought you and your partner together at the beginning? How can you get out of this habitual rut?


A happy relationship is not the result of having many things in common. People do often make this mistake in their thinking. A happy and fulfilling relationship comes from knowing how to address your core differences in a way that supports one another’s needs and dreams in life!


Below are 8 fun, empowering, conversations to have with your spouse that will result in a lifetime of understanding and commitment — no matter if you’re newly in love or have been together for decades!


  1. The Conversation About Trust and Commitment 


Trust means fully cherishing one another; showing your partner that they can always count on you. When you make a commitment to someone, it involves accepting your partner exactly as they are, regardless of their flaws.


  1. The Conversation About Conflict


Conflict is a given in every single relationship out there; so thinking that in a “happy relationship” you’ll always agree and get along with your partner is a complete misconception! Conflict in relationships serves an important purpose. You should view conflict as an opportunity to get to know your partner better, and to develop a deeper sense of intimacy while you talk about and work through your differences together.


  1. The Conversation About Sex and Intimacy 


Romantic, intimate rituals of connection keep a relationship passionate and wholly fulfilling. Did you know that studies reveal couples who talk about sex have more sex? Something I find frequently is that talking about sex is difficult for many couples out there; but it does get easier and more comfortable the more you do it!


  1. The Conversation About Work and Money 


When you really think about it, money issues are not actually about money — they’re about what money means to each of the partner’s in the relationship. When you map out exactly what money means to both of you, you will make major strides in resolving any money conflicts you may have previously had.


  1. The Conversation About Family 


It has been proven that around two-thirds of couples have a steep drop in the satisfaction levels of their relationship not too long after a baby is born; and this drop gets even deeper with each new child that comes after. If you want to avoid this drop in relationship fulfillment, you need to find ways to keep your conflicts at bay as much as possible, and not to skimp on maintaining your sexual relationship!


  1. The Conversation About Fun and Adventure 


Fun, play, and adventure are crucial elements in a happy and successful relationship or marriage. Remember that it’s also 100% fine if you and your partner have totally different ideas as to what constitutes “fun and adventure”. The main takeaway here is that you respect one another’s sense of adventure, and whatever that may mean to your partner.


  1. The Conversation About Growth and Spirituality 


Fact: The only constant in a relationship is change. The core point is how each person in the relationship holds space and facilitates the growth of the other partner. Relationships can be more than just two individuals coming together — they can be a largely spiritual practice! They can be stories of transformation, and contributing towards a newfound meaning within the world.


  1. The Conversation About Dreams 


Respecting one another’s biggest hopes and dreams is the secret ingredient to creating a love that lasts forever. When people’s dreams are honoured, everything else in the relationship flows more easily.

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Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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