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9 Fun Things Do Do Once The “Honeymoon Phase” is Over

9 Fun Things Do Do Once The “Honeymoon Phase” is Over

Is your relationship starting to feel boring and stale? If so, don’t stress! Chances are, you’ve just reached the end of your “honeymoon phase.”


The honeymoon phase is that ecstatic and euphoric period at the beginning of a relationship, where everything feels absolutely perfect! 😍


This period almost feels as though you’re on drugs! You feel more motivated, more energetic, and more curious! You can feel it throughout your entire being!


So, what happens when you come back down to earth? 💫💫💫


Well, the great news is that just because the honeymoon phase is over, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is! All it takes is some thoughtful and intentional actions to keep the connection with your significant other rock solid. Here are 9 Fun Things Do Do Once The “Honeymoon Phase” is Over:


  1. Schedule More Time for Sex


Yes, yes, and yes! Much of the work that needs to be done in order to reignite your Love Flame stems from a conscious decision to recommit to the romantic and intimate behaviours that were naturally there at the beginning of your relationship; and a core element involves ensuring that you stay passionately, sexually connected.


If it feels like you and and your partner have been stuck in a sex rut, I highly recommend you to timeblock sex as an integral point on your calendar. Pick a time that suits both of you, and commit to it! Remember: not having sex is less romantic than scheduling time for it! 😉


  1. Leave Technology Out of It


It’s highly likely that at the beginning of your relationship, your cellphones were nowhere to be seen! If your honeymoon phase has come and gone, your top goal should be to get back to that uninterrupted quality time with your spouse.


When you go out for dinner, for example, come to a mutual agreement that neither of you will be scrolling through or texting on your phone for the duration of the date. Something as simple as this (although difficult) will foster genuine and connected conversations, eradicating any distractions that threaten to interrupt your much-needed bonding time together.


  1. Prioritise One-On-One Time with Your Partner


Make sure you’re spending pre-planned time with your partner; something that both of you can look forward to. This might be grabbing a coffee together every morning before work; or it could be sitting together every night after dinner for 15 minutes, chatting about how your day went. Whatever it is, make sure that you develop a repeated rhythm that revolves around just the two of you.


  1. Give Longer Hugs and Kisses


John Gottman conducted a study on the amount of time it takes for oxytocin to be released into the body through physical touch, such as hugs and kisses. He clocked it at twenty seconds for hugs, and six seconds for kisses! 


So, the next time you’re with your significant other, try to make those hugs and kisses last just that little bit longer! This is an intentional and conscious attempt at recreating the chemical cocktail that you and your partner once had at the start! That kind of passion and romance won’t just be handed to you on a silver platter — you actually have to put in the work and earn it! 💯


  1. Make Future Plans Together


The “couple goal” here is to have something to look forward to together. Plan or do something that solidifies you and your partner together in the future. Maybe this looks like planning your next holiday abroad, or going house scouting around a neighbourhood where you might potentially want to buy a house one day! Engaging in activities like this will remind you both why you got together in the first place — to create a future.


  1. Get Naked


Oxytocin, as mentioned under point 4, is also known as the “cuddle hormone.” It is largely responsible for creating those strong feelings of passion and desire that you had for your spouse during your honeymoon phase.


If you want to recreate this passion, desire, and intimacy at a later stage in your relationship, the key words here are: physical touch. Yes — skin-to-skin contact actually releases oxytocin! So, throw those pyjamas off, cuddle up next to your lover, and let those oxytocin waves start flowing! 😍


  1. Keep Things Fresh


In the midst of that super loved-up phase at the beginning of a relationship, everything feels fresh and new! In turn, your brain releases high levels of the hormone dopamine. In short, dopamine is released whenever your brain experiences a sense of novelty.


If you want to recreate that same feeling, you and your partner need to commit to doing something that you have never done before! Maybe that means going bungee jumping, or maybe it just means trying something new in the bedroom… Depending on your relationship, you’ll know what’s right for you! 😜


  1. Embrace The Ordinary


If you’re complaining that your relationship feels average, boring, and regular, or that you’ve stopped feeling “that spark” — just think back to your days as a single! Remember all those useless Tinder swipes or failed RichMeetBeautiful dates with creepy, old men or young, gold-digging women? Yikes! You should be thankful you’re done with that!


My tip: adjust your expectations! When the intense feelings are gone, it just means that you’re moving into a different stage of your relationship.


This stage also comes with new benefits and new opportunities; in terms of the way you live your life, the way you share responsibilities, and the way you go through your day.


  1. Learn About The Love Flame Method


And finally, sometimes, what you really need is a professional expert to tell you exactly what you need to do. If you’re feeling stuck in perpetual arguments, if you’re feeling completely disconnected from your spouse, or if you’re starting to feel some resentment building towards them — you’ll definitely want to consider trying my Love Flame Method! ❤️🔥


This does not mean your relationship is failing — it just means that you’re both willing to work for a stronger, happier, more passionate, intimate, and romantic connection!

Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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