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The Gentleman’s Guide To Passion: The 3 Core Needs of Any Woman

The Gentleman’s Guide To Passion: The 3 Core Needs of Any Woman

If you want your lady to feel completely alive – if you want to truly experience her sensual passion and energy – then you need to have a flawless understanding on what her ultimate emotional needs are. If you make sure to meet those needs, you will seduce your wife and unlock her majestic feminine power! 


It’s important to remember that men and women are not the same. Men and women, respectively, have a personal and gender-specific set of emotional needs. The strength of a relationship is in direct proportion to the level of fulfilment of these needs, between each of the two parties. 


When it comes to a relationship, in order for it to effectively “work”, there needs to be a perfect balance between the two opposing masculine and feminine energies. As Tony Robbins explains, it is this polarity that keeps things interesting, exciting, and fulfilling.


Once she has stepped into her true self, her gorgeous feminine energy will shine like it has never done so before! Your woman will open herself up to you, allowing you to create a deeper level of connection and intimacy than you ever could have dreamed of.


So without further ado, let’s break things down and look at The 3 Core Needs of Any Woman:


💞Women Need To Feel Understood


Women need a good reason to make love or have sex — while men, on the other hand, just need a place. As sex and relationship therapist, Stephen Snyder, puts it: “Many women don’t just want sex. They want to feel desired first. If a woman doesn’t feel desired, then the sex itself may not seem so appealing.”


Never forget that a woman is extremely sensitive to the right context. When a woman feels misunderstood, she closes up. This brings her out of her feminine energy and pushes her more towards her masculine side.


In contrast, when a woman does feel completely understood by her man, she becomes more relaxed. She feels more comfortable, and continues to open up more and more. This, in turn, allows the two of you to form a closer bond and connection. This connection is crucial in order for a woman to trust you; and trust is a prerequisite for intimacy, passion, and romance.


Some Keys To Remember:


🗝Allow her to vent to you

🗝Focus on listening rather than trying to solve the problem

🗝Validate her feelings


💞Women Need To Feel Seen


As a man, you may dearly love your wife, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you make her feel seen. Women do not want to feel invisible — especially when it comes to their significant others. Relationship coach, Jordan Gray, says that a woman needs to feel seen in order to fully open up. “She wants to feel you hearing her, and being aware of her emotional state. She doesn’t necessarily want you to be affected by her emotional state, but she does want you to be witness to it.”


For women, undivided attention is a crucial factor. You, being fully present with her, is one of the absolute greatest gifts you can give to her. Whenever you speak or interact with her, look her directly in the eyes. Take the time to notice all the beautiful little details. Give her genuine and sincere compliments — not only about her attractive appearance, but also about her positive habits and admirable behaviours.


Some Keys To Remember:


🗝Frequently tell her what you appreciate about her

🗝Take the time to notice the little things

🗝Put your phone down and give her undivided attention


💞Women Need To Feel Safe


Due to their evolutionary background and innate physical differences to men, women are biologically wired towards the need for protection. Once you understand this, you start to more clearly see the motives behind some of her actions. This is not to say that you should just simply accept and tolerate toxic behaviours; but you can rather approach situations lovingly, appreciating all that she might be going through. A woman can only feel safe and secure once her needs are fully met.


At the end of the day, of course, everyone is different. This also means that different things make different women feel “unsafe”. Your job, as her man, is to discover exactly what these things are. Rather than getting annoyed or frustrated, try as best as you can to understand her — offering her your love and compassion. Trust me, the rewards are worth it: when a woman does feel safe, she connects and opens up; diving head first into passion, romance, and intimacy!   


Remember, a confident man creates the feeling of trust with a woman. Gary van Warmerdam, relationship coach and author of Mindworks: A Practical Guide for Changing Thoughts, Beliefs, and Emotional Reactions, says, “A woman feels safe if she believes the relationship is going somewhere.”


Some Keys To Remember:


🗝Be assertive and make strong decisions — women feel unsafe with vague or unsure men

🗝Take care of her — be her rock & be reliable

🗝Put your lady 1st, showing her she is your most important priority

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Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; investor; e-commerce- and social media specialist; life, business and relationship coach; and public speaker.

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